Celebration of Love

Never been done? No Problem

October 2018 | Projects

We love to break the rules- and have a great time doing it- so when our couple wanted a celebration of life and love beneath a veritable orchard on Michigan Avenue (the South Garden of the Art Institute, to be exact) we couldn’t wait to deliver.

Guests dined and danced in a garden under a canopy of trees in a uniquely magical setting. Through custom fabrication, a one-of-a-kind tent and a little bit of magic, we created an enchanted evening alongside renowned planner Marina Birch of Birch Design Studio.

We tinkered and toyed with ways to enhance the Garden without compromising the beauty and exclusivity of such a divine space. Every pre existing decor element felt contrived, so we turned to our fabrication team to realize our wildest dreams. From custom black lacquer tables, to a chuppah of anemones that unfolded into a “swarm” over the dance floor after the vows, every piece of this fete was deliberately designed and created by our team to produce a truly inimitable celebration.

Making It Happen

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