Chef TQ's Quarantine Cooking

April 2020 | Projects

Char Siu Pork 1 Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt, 4-5#, cut into 4” wide strips 5 Tbsp Salt  For the Marinade and Glaze 1 C Brown Sugar 1/3 C Honey 1 Tbsp Five Spice Powder 1/3 C Tbsp Hoisin 3 Tbsp Whiskey ¾ tsp Red Food Coloring Rub the strips of pork with the salt. Place… Read more »

Chef TQ's Quarantine Cooking

March 2020 | Projects

Birthday Cake Babka A shout out to all those celebrating birthdays right now, we see you and thought you could use something a little special. And also, sprinkles make everything better even. For the Bread: 1 Tbsp Yeast 1/3 C Sugar ½ C Water 4 ½ C Flour 1 Tbsp Vanilla ½ C Milk 1.5… Read more »

Chef TQ's Quarantine Cooking

March 2020 | Links In Bio, Projects

Agnolotti Verde with Mushrooms Chef Tony Quartaro is opening up his recipe book and sharing some of his favorites. Don’t miss out on this pasta masterpiece – carb loading encouraged. For the pasta dough: 12oz Spinach (frozen or fresh) 4 Eggs 12 Egg Yolks 5# Pasta Flour (can also use AP Flour), plus more for… Read more »

What started out as a tasting room reno, turned into our favorite bar in the city.

September 2019 | Projects

As you can imagine, we spend a hell of a lot of time in our kitchen and tasting rooms- so we wanted to make the space as cool as our fictional best friends pied a terre. We designed a little 70’s gold and mirror glam, sprinkled in some 90’s hip hop, kept it grounded with… Read more »

We thought Kanye West was going to show up

November 2018 | Projects

To properly initiate Chef TQ into the Revel fam, we hosted an Omakase Dinner (the Japanese tradition of letting chef choose your order) set to the backdrop of Jason Peterson’s dope pop up art gallery on Ada Street. A select group of industry rebel rousers were invited to try 10 flavor-pushing courses, like tuna poke… Read more »

Never been done? No Problem

October 2018 | Projects

We love to break the rules- and have a great time doing it- so when our couple wanted a celebration of life and love beneath a veritable orchard on Michigan Avenue (the South Garden of the Art Institute, to be exact) we couldn’t wait to deliver. Guests dined and danced in a garden under a… Read more »

Nothing good happens after midnight… or does it??

June 2018 | Projects

We turned a dry storage warehouse into the Tokyo Night of your dreams. Cocktail hour included street scenes, paper lanterns, origami and custom vending machines, while the main event featured dueling DJs, pop up electronic performers and asian street food. The after party drifted into the wee hours of the morning with an epic karaoke… Read more »

Our bosses don’t love making their own coffee, so we built our own coffee shop and things kinda escalated from there

| Projects

Belly Flop is our groovy little beach bodega in Long Beach, IN serving up original buoys, heavenly soft serve, and CBD spiked La Colombe. Sun seeking crowds from Chicago and the El Beh locals cruise by for all their beach essentials, listen to live music on our patio and grab a bottle of rose. We… Read more »

We rehabbed an old mansion in SoLo (South Loop) and moved in!

June 2017 | Projects

Revel Motor Row stood vacant for 10 years before we got our hands on her. Built in 1936 by acclaimed architect Philip Maher, she was previously home to the Illinois Automobile Club – and housed an olympic sized swimming pool! Later in life, the Chicago Defender moved in and replaced the pool with a printing… Read more »

A 2,000 person event contingent upon 9 innings… talk about high stakes!

October 2016 | Projects

A party over 100 years in the making called for a celebration unlike anything the city had seen before. To memorialize the most exciting World Series to date, our team of kick a$$ Cubs lovers lead the theme, design and production of the party of the century- featuring a projection-mapped Navy Pier, notable guests, famous… Read more »