Belly Flop Social

Our bosses don’t love making their own coffee, so we built our own coffee shop and things kinda escalated from there

June 2018 | Projects

Belly Flop is our groovy little beach bodega in Long Beach, IN serving up original buoys, heavenly soft serve, and CBD spiked La Colombe. Sun seeking crowds from Chicago and the El Beh locals cruise by for all their beach essentials, listen to live music on our patio and grab a bottle of rose. We load up the coolers so the only work they’re doing is on their tan.

Belly Flop is your portal to paradise, the playfulness of wasted summer days, a nod to the groovers and hustlers, catering nostalgia to you and yours all summer long because that’s the way uh huh, uh huh, we like it. The only question is, can you dig it?

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